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Not long after discovering Earthmiles I was immediately hooked to the app. Its collaboration with multiple fitness trackers such as Strava and Fitbit allows me to earn reward miles via running, cycling and walking. The attractive rewards have motivated me to try out new activities, fit-fashion brands and nourishing snacks. My best memories so far include MyDivalution dance class, Edgecycle spinning sessions and Lomax HIIT training I experienced using my miles. The lovely and responsive Earthmiles team as well as being part of a healthy community make my workouts extra enjoyable.

Jamie S.

I think that the most amazing thing about Earthmiles is the people behind it! They are putting so much effort, love and passion into this app! There is never an email that they wouldn't reply to in a matter of hours and a problem they couldn't solve. As a very active person I already love the app! I do what I want to be doing anyway on a daily basis and am getting a whole load of benefits just for being active and healthy! Recommending Earthmiles to all of my friends and hopefully more and more people will discover advantages of a healthy lifestyle - it's not all about looking great :) Keep doing what you do! <3

Marilin M.

I genuinely love the Earthmiles app, and earning earthmiles is so easy! From tracking my every day steps and my training runs, I earn earthmiles to redeem against so many rewards from some of my favourite health and fitness brands! Earthmiles encourates me to take the stairs, walk the extra stop or run the extra mile! <3

Laura M.

I first heard about Earthmiles via an Instagram post and remember thinking what an amazing idea it was: a reward scheme based on your activity! After downloading the app myself I found myself more motivated to not only stay active for myself, but also for the great deals I would earn through it too. I've found so many great health and fitness related brands through the app that I wouldn't have come across otherwise and I've recommended it to all my friends.

Camilla Z.

Love, love, love this app! Fantastic to use, easy to understand and some great offers, news and competitions I've been introduced to birch water, sea buckthorn and bilberry powder, amongst other things Linked to my Fitbit and Mapmyrun, it's the perfect way to stay motivated, particularly when there's a prize at stake 😁 It's even turned into a contest in our house to see who can rack up the most Earthmiles! The team at EM are really attentive and friendly too. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us all in 2016 😁

Claire F.

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