Our Story

We started Earthmiles because we understand motivation is important. So is fun.

We wanted to create a mirror which users would be able to look at and tell themselves, "well done, you!"

Meet the Team

The Team


"Half of that glass is completely full."

Pilates lover. Plant-based. Eternal optimist.


"That looks like a great place to sit & code!"

Hacking since he was 12. Open source enthusiast. Likes to read, blog in his free time.


"Do or do not, there is no try" (Yoda)

Disrupter, alchemist, surfer, part-time Jedi. Loves building propositions, winning clients and being by the ocean.


"So I was just looking at this data and I was just wondering..."

Night owl. Scales mountains in his free time. Holds the plank for… wait for it... he’s still going..


"Wanna hear a story… let me tell you a story"

Football lover and growth hacking oracle


"Believe you can and you're half way there"

Loves outdoor sports, animals, and makes the best cups of tea

Our Advisors

Fiona Dent

Board director at Time Inc. UK. Influential industry leader with 20+ years digital experience.

Phil Hollingdale

Serial technology entrepreneur. Deep experience in innovating employee benefits.

Dr. Ruchika Gupta

Medical Adviser with 10+ years in UK NHS. Assessing new medical evidence impacting local policies with Public Health.

Karen Thomas-Bland

Global consulting and management executive. Expertise in big data and behavioral psychology.