Air miles are so yesterday

Discover a whole new level of motivation.

We'll reward you for adopting a more active lifestyle.

It's Simple

With air miles you are rewarded every time you fly.
With earthmiles you are rewarded every time you walk, run or cycle.


Connect your phone to your favourite apps.

Earthmiles gets your movement directly from your phone or an app you already use.


The more you move...
The more you earn..

Your earthmiles get synced automatically. Get active to increase your balance.



Spend your earthmiles on exclusive rewards from fantastic brands.

Discover new options to support a healthier lifestyle. Earn them as rewards!

From Our Users

Not long after discovering Earthmiles I was immediately hooked to the app. The attractive rewards have motivated me to try out new activities, fit-fashion brands and nourishing snacks.

Jamie S.

As a very active person I already love the app! I do what I want to be doing anyway on a daily basis and am getting a whole load of benefits just for being active and healthy!

Marilin M.

Love, love, love this app! Fantastic to use, easy to understand and some great offers, news and competitions.

Claire F.